Friday, January 11, 2008

Waiting List...BLOGS ONLY

Hey Everyone!

First off, I want to say thank you to all of my clients for sending their friends my way and for all of you being so wonderful!
And because you are all so wonderful, I am having to start a waiting list for Blog Design!
I am currently working on 7 blogs and that's about all I can handle! hehe

But no fear! I will get to everyone, I just need to pace myself because I want to make sure everyone is getting the proper attention they deserve and that I am giving my BEST to all of your projects! :)

So here is how it works....If you need a BLOG design, you will need to go ahead and purchase your design on the right hand side bar to get on the mailing list. I will then send you an email letting you know where on the list you are.

Most blogs only take me a few days, so it wont be a HUGE wait, I promise!
Once you are on the list, I will continually update you on your status on the list!

I am also going to be adding a calendar to the blog so you can see when I am booked and when I am available!

I hope all of theses measures will help me serve you better! Have a great Day!



Alicia Caine Photography said...

Congratulations--- isn't a waiting list wonderful????

Nikki said...

yes1 It sure is! Thank you so much for sending everyone my way! :)