Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little stall in work!

Hey Everyone....I am so sorry if I am behind on emails and work. We had a break-in scare here night before last, and so I have been staying at my sisters! Because I was scared to death to be at my home!
But now we are getting security like Ft.Knocks around here! I am going to be back to work tomorrow, but please be patient with me while I get back to all my work!
I also would like to update that the waiting list is officially starting on April 1st and there the list is filling up quickly for after that. If you would like to have a design of any kind durring the month of April, I highly suggest emailing me ASAP to get your spot!

Thank you everyone for your paitence durring this time and for all your lovely prayers! They are all greatly appriciated!

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