Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogger Services

HELLO BLOGGING WORLD! Wow! Can I just say I have the BEST clients? I am so totally blessed! I am just floored daily by the email's I get from you guys, the comments on the blog, even the letters in the mail! Amazing!

But with all this awesome clientele comes longer lines and lots of work! So I have decided to switch totally to blogger. If you are currently already on my client list and you don't have a blogger account, thats totally ok. I am wrapping up my typepad, blogsome, and wordpress blog's and then will be switching just to blogger!

BUT, NEVER FEAR! At ESG we have perfected the blogger template for our clients. You can now choose between a regular blog template with two or three columns, or a photographer's blog template. What's the difference? Well, we now have larger photos, sidebar content at the bottom of the page, huge header's and beautiful backgrounds! So your blogger blog will be totally pimped out! LOL!!!

We are still booking for August, there are two slots left! So get on the list and get an awesome blog from ESG!

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