Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Look! do you like the new look? I know its a little "fall-ish" but I am in the mood for a more vintage setting! :) (and I LOVED this appropriate, it just made me giggle!)

I wanted to walk you through the new layout, so no one is confused!

We will start at the Left Side...
you may notice there is now a "How it all works" section. This explains how my process works from purchasing a blog to going live!

Next is a NEW PORTFOLIO!! No more having to click through tons of links! All of the slide shows are in categories according to the service rendered and they will be updated on a regular basis when new projects are completed!

Now to the Right Side:
My work schedule is now listed over here, so you can see when I am booked, so you will know when your getting on the calendar! :) Also, my services have changed slightly.
I am no longer offering Logo design, as I would like to focus on my blog design and splash pages.

That's about it, small changes that make a big impact! :) I hope you like it! See you soon! --Nikki


Alison said...

I love the new look Nikki! I really like the sidebars and how your samples flip through! Wonderful as usual!

Dana Duncan said...

love it!

A. Reed said...

love it