Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I look like the elephant man......

Hey Everyone! I am sorry for my absence yesterday, I spent the day at the doctor then all night at the hospital becasuse I broke out with a rash of Poison Ivy all over my face! You can see here how terrible it is:

so I am taking a steroid pack, got a cortisone shot, and it is clearing up slowly but shurly! So I am going to be back to work tomorrow! :) Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers!



Dana Duncan said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you are doing okay! I was just beginning to think you had disappeared...

Feel better!

About Us: said...

Wow Nikki, so sorry you got poison ivy. Hope you feel better soon. I have never had it before so not sure what I'd do if I got it. Hope that the cortisone shot and steroid pack helps you heal quickly.

Take care,

Expressive Style Graphics said...

thank you so much ladies! its very painful, but it is getting better! I told the Doc at the ER that it felt like someone slapped me with a brick, then shoved me into a fireant pile! YUCK! But its clearing up and I am getting a little less itchy! (not much though!!) I still havent had a good nights sleep, but I am working on it!

Jsut glad I can still work! Thank you again for your sweet words!

Jennifer said...

Saw you at Riverbend this weekend - and isn't it WONDERFUL what steroids can do?! I had poison ivy last November, and it nearly took over my arms and back. I'd have died without the medication. Glad to see you're doing better!

Expressive Style Graphics said...

Hi Jennifer! Oh I know! Thanks for stopping by this weekend, I had a wonderful time demo-ing! :) I hope you got enough to eat! hehe

Melissa said...

Oh Man Nikki!
I am allergic to poison ivy so I am really feeling for you.
Hope you feel better soon!